SHARK Anti Hair Wrap XL with Powered Lift-Away & TruePet PZ1000UKT Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner – Rose Gold



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Designed for pet owners Clean up more pet hair around your home with the Shark Anti Hair Wrap & Pet Tool PZ1000UKT Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. Its Anti Hair Wrap Pet Tool features a bristle guard and comb that help to separate and remove hair as you clean. This makes it perfect for pet households, as the brush roll is especially designed not to get clogged with hair. DuoClean floorhead Its DuoClean floorhead is ideal for cleaning carpets and hard floors, so you can use it in different rooms around your home. The two motorised brush-rolls help to draw up dirt from carpets, while the soft front brush-roll sweeps up dust from hard floors. Powered Lift-Away The PZ1000UKT Vacuum Cleaner can transform into a more portable vacuum by simply removing the wand from the main unit. This makes it easier to clean stairs, sofas and even under furniture. The brush-rolls will continue to work in this Powered Lift-Away mode, so you’ll get the same great cleaning results however you choose to use the vacuum. Powerful suction Featuring more suction power than most other upright vacuums, the PZ1000UKT is perfect for giving your home a thorough clean. It even captures up to 99.9% of allergens and dust, so that you can breathe easily around your home.

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